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What had these people done to me?
I awoke with an unpleasant feeling surrounding my body. It was a thin liquid, almost water-like. I moved around in a tub-like containment until I remembered what had happened earlier so I quickly opened my eyes and screamed at the horrid moisture I was looking at. It was blood! I was even more horrified at the thought of not knowing whose blood it was. I prepared to hop out of the bathtub when an intolerable affliction from my abdomen went running down my lower body. The strike sent me splashing back into the tub. I grabbed my stomach and groaned in pain. That was when I noticed my school garments were gone. My boots were in the corner of the room and my mother's necklace had disappeared. I was left only in my now-stained white underclothes. I lifted my shirt only to see stitches across my bellybutton over my waistline. What had these people done to me? I screamed again but in a higher pitch.

What had these people done to me? I screamed again but in a higher pitch

A man came bursting through the bathroom door. He looked worried at first but only for a split second when his mouth morphed into a soft smile. He also looked familiar; the same person who was driving the van. He gestured closer towards me but I hesitated and tried to get away; I couldn't. He grabbed a towel from a nearby rack and leaned over to pick me up. He held me in his arms as some of the blood seeped through the cloth and onto the floor, leaving a trail. We exited the lavatory and soon approached a door that was partially opened. The man pushed it further and entered. The walls of the room had chipped-up, old yellow paint and there were only two windows on both sides. The windows were boarded shut, letting only a little light through.

There were two mattresses that laid parallel with each other. One was pink but it was old and dirty. The other was green with a much newer look. The man stood over the pink one and dropped me harshly with no remorse. "Take your stuff off! When I come back I hope to see to bare. And don't try anything stupid!" he grumped and left the room. I understood what he meant but I didn't want to believe it so I convinced myself that I didn't. I couldn't walk because of the hem-like seam on my body so I crept over to the window closer to me. I hoped that the wooden barriers on the windows were weak so that I could've to pry them open. When I was about three feet away from the wall, I heard heavy footsteps and jingling noises outside the door. I didn't let that distract me, though; I kept going for the wall. I heard the door open and I turned my head to see the man infuriated. "I told you not to move! Why aren't your stuff off?" he yelled. I remained silent and observed what he had in his fists. It was a bunch of long and heavy metal chains. They were big and clunky and I was scared out of my wits.

I figured that he was going to chain me, so I tried to stand up but I had no luck. Before I got a chance to be upon my knees, the man had already pulled my legs and fastened my wrists to an oblong pad implanted on the cemented floor. No matter how hard I tugged on them, they would not budge. "Since you won't listen, I gotta do it myself," he stated.

"What are you gonna do? Please, why are you doing this?" I asked worriedly. The man looked at me and laughed.

"...can't believe... know me," he whispered to himself underneath his breath. He spoke the truth to his words and began to pull my down my pants. I cried and begged him not to touch me. He seemed annoyed by my screams so he sucked his teeth and left the room, locking the door afterward. I was petrified by the scenario that was about to happen. I curled up into a ball and cried myself to sleep. I was afraid that he'd come back so I was alert. But eventually, I drifted away. I kept wondering if this man would return for his desire. If he would come back and finish what he had started. I laid there, sobbing until there was nothing left to empty and I wondered, "Is this just a dream?"
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