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It seems we have become slaves.. To our pets
4 am and tap to my head you.
The meow, that tone,
Oh, what huge plush toy,
Did you bring me now?

Oh, yea yes I'm up,
At your beck and call.
You can't tell
but oh cat you so are committing a crime.

You're getting old buddy,
My bed, underneath and even my loaded with junk...
Is not your racetrack.
Any part of my body that moves is not your toy!

My bed is not yours,
My couch is not yours,
I'm not your damn treat machine
And you don't been to drink fresh bottle waiter daily!

Kitty Kitty Kitty cat
Oh, where are you now.
I got a spray bottle with your name on it because you're lifting my hand off my mouse.

We are not slaves to this animal
Even though they think us time.
Folks its time stand up and hide the cat treats, and cat nip.
Speak loud, Speak proud.
Kitty cats you don't!
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