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A being of great rage and savagery but walks among mortals
It was a late chilly summer night in the city of Talahaskus. Days usually went by slow , Due to the fact that not much went on In the town that was all but forgotten .This town was pretty much like in other hick town, filled with ranchers, farmers , farms and mills and things of that sort. Shit the town was so damn small all my aunts and uncle were the teachers at the neighborhood hole in the wall some would call a school . Pretty much every day went the same Fetch mom eggs, butter, and milk from the mill, and go to school. Living on a farm had to be one of the shittiest up bringings I use to think but I didn’t know much at that time . I remember waking up on the day of and thinking today something’s going to be different it has to it has , a normal thought of a child of 8 living on a farm in a town that not much goes on on. Wishful thinking some might call it . (STOP ) < rewriting this paragraph that falls into this >

He stood an incredible 7 Foot with shoulders like tree trunk , with legs of massive size. He stood so silently but it was rather menacing. I believe it was the night of Town In Country Days. All the neighborhood kids were down from the mill
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