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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Medical · #2230951
A man visits a doctor.

“Ms. Toller, my first patient won’t be in until 9 am,” Dr. Sloan said to his receptionist absently as he entered his office and shut the door.

She answered him with a snorting giggle. He stared at her.

“What on earth is wrong with you, Edith?” he asked in astonishment.

By now, she was laughing so hysterically, she couldn’t speak. She pointed back to his exam room. Mystified, he walked back to look in the room. A patient was sitting in the chair.

“Mr. Carne, you weren’t due until 9!” the doctor exclaimed.

He watched with concern as his patient began to shake ominously. Just as the doctor was about to go over to him to see if he was having a seizure for some reason, the man opened his mouth and said:

“Hahahahahaha!” in one staccato burst.

The doctor cracked a smile back. He turned back to the door of the treatment room to exit and summon his assistant. She came staggering in the door, doubled over and barely able to stand. When she looked at him, tears were streaming down her reddened face and she couldn’t get her breath.

“What’s going on with everyone today?” Dr. Sloan asked, his smile becoming a grin.

Then, just as he began to laugh himself, he heard it. A low hissing.

“Mr. Carne, have you been toying with my equipment again?”

When the man nodded, the doctor burst out laughing.

“This is serious.”

Trying his best to be stern and sober, only made the doctor laugh harder. He shook his head at the man with the paunch and braces.

“I’m going to have to charge you for all that nitrous oxide! It’s not cheap, you know,” he said finally as he turned off the valve to the tank of laughing gas.

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