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Two friends meet on a corner.

Tom and Jim met at the corner of Future and Passed. They nodded at each other as they did their patented greeting, of slaps and elbows. Leaning against the walls, they chewed on their toothpicks and watched the world go by.

“Well, Jim. What’s new with you?” Tom said at last around the toothpick.

“Not much, you?”

“Nothin’ much on my end either.”

“Oh, there is one thing,” Jim said as he took the toothpick from his mouth.

“What’s that?” Tom asked, brightening.

“Ahh forget it, you won’t believe me anyway,”

“Sure I will, why wouldn’t I?”

Jim turned until he was looking Tom straight in the eyes.

“I can see the future!”

Tom snorted with laughter.

“I knew you wouldn’t believe me!”

“So what do you use? Tarot cards, a crystal ball, second sight?” Tom said, chuckling.

“My eyes, doofus!”

“Whaddah you mean?”

“It’s coming down the street,” Jim said.

“The future is coming down the street? Really, what does it look like?”

“It’s blue, bulky, carries weapons and is headed straight for us! Don’t look!”

Tom couldn’t resist. He turned casually in the direction Jim was facing. When he saw it, he panicked.

“I had to do it, Tom! They got me in a sweep yesterday! They said if I could name anyone else, they’d cut me a deal. Don’t leave me here alone. Take the rap with me!”

“Haven’t you heard, boys? There’s no honor among thieves,” said a deep voice.

Handcuffs were clasped on both the men’s wrists and the Miranda was read. As they were led away, Tom muttered:

“The least you could have done was foresee a way to keep us from getting caught!”

“I tried, I grassed on you last night!”

Jim could be heard cursing all the way to the cells.

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