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A limerick about a not-so-attractive princess' attempts to make it into the big time.

There was once a young princess from Spain.
Though affluent, she’d often complain,
“If it weren’t for my looks,
I would be in those books.
I will get there by using my brain.”

So she summoned a bevy of witches.
“You will each be rewarded with riches
if you transform my face
into beauty and grace.”
They snickered, then all left in stitches.

Once she banished the insolent lot,
she instructed her scribe, on the spot,
“Take your talents and write
an amended Snow White,
one with me as the lead in the plot.”

How the scrivener sweated and paced.
His fingers, unsure, interlaced.
Not a word could he will
from the tip of his quill,
so he left from the kingdom, disgraced.

Said the princess, “No need for alarm,
since, in stories, the third time’s the charm.
Now I know what I need:
it’s a prince with a steed.
I’ll seduce him with power and smarm.”

Though the princess searched high and searched low,
Every royal she wooed answered, “No!”
“I’m too young.” “You’re too tall.”
“I can’t marry at all.”
So she started to dump her trousseau.

But she stopped. “Did I just hear a ‘Croak’?”
At the door sat a frog in a cloak.
“If you give me a kiss
I will promise you this:
I will write you your part in one stroke.”

She rushed to the frame of the door.
Then she knelt by the frog on the floor,
took a look, held his chin,
closed her eyes, then leaned in…
and the princess existed no more…

Except when you happen to look
through a certain, edited book.*
But the question remains
If the outcome pertains
to her wish or a vision forsook.

*Note: she is the evil character in the book.
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