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Mystical metaphoric musings from a confusing stretch at Aztlan homeless shelter
Crystalline Spirit Blue Breeze

Mossing Trees;... Boulder Peaks;... Crystal Breeze
smoking leaps:... gassy bleeds:... fragrance seeds

Windy Speaks;... Crying Rings;... Icing Sheets
breezy whispeech:... silent trees:... green pleads

blue creeks:... iron cleats:... rumble reads
Turquoise Freeze;... Green Belief;... Turnover Lead

ripple flow leaves:... beat path leaps:... less muse feats
river broil churn;... rock ripple cleeve;... slip slide sing
choir night delight:... frighten ice blind:... wind bite bittering
mnt' mossy slide:... wet ride collide:... mud spludge splaying
Ripped Chipped Cracking;... Broke Choked Groaning:...
Duct Repair Grunting
Gave Up -.. Junk!
bubbling mud burping -*- pristine waters scream -*- glowing vapor stream

Misty Rainbow Dream -*- Sulfur Soaking Grow -*- Glorngious Sunshine Plour
flaming ice beam: crystal waters clean: blue reading heat
ultra-violet bristle glint: *** sunshine spectrum flint *** crystal beam bright

reflection shrise gleam;... dimension size feats:... flight height leaps

Blue ice shining hides the green grass grasping to life
mighty trees fighting -... roots glued to the cold rock grooves
Hard life Tries.. Fighting... Fighting!!:[-....
Life Appreciation:- MiGHTY!!!

colding ice blooms it's shine.... fright, fright

peaks Rise,.. eroding the beautiful to life!

"standing at a lookout mountain pass, seeing nothing but blue green animals swarming below, with little more than a slow loan highway peacefully passing between the rockling hairy greens,... the rainbowic ribbons"

ice breaks;... earthly quakes;... new horizon awakes

grassy boulders shake their vibrant energy back up

the path to where the cold clasping begins:.... dripping their thickness onto the rounding bricks, eroding into the distance


the speaks of spirit creek:

the choir of the rolling rocked tiny white waters
her rapid creaked of spiritsing harmony
the volume was too great at the time

and I so regret not walking the path right alongside
It's fluidic rhythms and roaring harmonic cries

and yet at the same time, I so don't regret
walking the path through the gently rolling pine fields
which at the moment of continuous time

i did see as best - able to spot animals and bears
at a safe respectable distance - able to see over below
- maybe having a peaceful drink at the rumbling river

her soft broiling rapids sing gloriously to me
from the gently rolling crevasse path of green
cascading in magic grace over boulders of mossy trees

brumbling,.. trumbling,.. crystal clear through Targhee
whispers crisp, dancing river pine lakes so blissfully
the crickling creekings of deep blue lake seas

snow mountain peaks.. glisten in morning fire freeze
my morning peace cycle silence ring
Shiva Rides.. Shiva Glides.. Shiva Fly's.. Shiva 'Being'

ice cold boulders:; slice universal land thrice twilight
daylight shine shade to night narrow shadowed sight
sun governor's natural approach to earthly life
moon brews deepest intimate moods in hiding
rising fly's the mask for shining social trials

perhaps -* in fact I am certain *- of it why Bozeman is sooo calling me... it is a desire
but no current feeling of when: my intuition is quite stale here
(getting this into the notebook of my galaxy now 9/5/2020, I was thinking about this series of thoughts yesterday wondering why Bozeman MO? I wrote this early April this year and this is a stark reminisc mix between my emotiomal and mental trauma at the shelter, thinking about a place a little SW of West Yellowstone, a tiny hotel packed RV tourist camptown... I figured Bozeman is likely to have a homeless night shelter... )

a long walk today, very near the mountains, I got a reminding feeling of something very great I thought & yet not... perhaps more harm than good it did... & yet not...

returned feeling very lost & depressed
schizophrenia & DID disfunctionally breaking the nets
minutes before returning to the shelter
I started forgetting my name
my spirit in this situation either dead or dying but this feeling of social emotion I'm so good
at hiding

the depression of not being able to feel that peace
in nature's garden of pine-scent heaven
the valley river & streams speaking languages
my soul can see and hear
in their soft silent voices of singing choir


Chargrilled grain
soul seared burnedaid

the burning, dark churning, harmonic twirls
singing in the grooved fringes, left & right twitches
sliding & singing in a smooth dark ride

amped translation of past damages....
curved reflective classwork... shining slices
passting of graphic grey & white refractions

shining lines, glisten their curly rhymes
dancing age rings:] charged particles..... mark on a mark
straight sidewalk after the smoking dark

dancing hands; delicacy of the fingers
light singing from the whispering soul....
journeys wisdom told:[ power with outlet


Namaste ~ Lily 'Pad' Wilder (Alias)
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