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A thought experiment examining the possibility of the existence of a core of the Universe.
Examining the entire Universe through a thought experiment blew my mind! What I wanted to understand is if the idea of the existence of the core of the Universe really exists. A precursor to this experiment was a brief mental analysis of a long-held belief I once held until now, the belief that black holes lead to the core of the Universe, like a volcano does on a terrestrial planet but in reverse. That theory fell flat when I recalled that black holes are usually created by the collapse of the star's core into a single point of infinite density and an infinite curvature of spacetime called a singularity.

I decided to start the experiment as if I was going farther out into the expanding (or ascending) Universe, to the farthest reaches I could muster. Then, when I was far enough, I could almost see the entire Universe and where it began. Something strange occurred...

I could see an actual, single point of infinite density and an infinite curvature of spacetime (a singularity)! I started my descent into the singularity, to the descending Universe. As I sped up going farther into the descending Universe, the singularity looked as if it were in the shape of a sphere, like that of the Earth's core, but made of pure energy rather than matter!

I had then realized that the Universe which expanded out of the big bang does indeed have a core, but that core is the singularity at the beginning of the Universe, which still exists if you travel far enough into the descending Universe!
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