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The owl like bird intruder played a havoc driving Lilly introvert ,erratic behavior
The Mysterious Intruder

         Lilly, my teen aged darling daughter began performing poor at school also. Her teachers too noticed the changing behavior, poor performance, sent out alerts to us . She skipped many an outdoor assignment, staying back at classroom alone. Friends failed to persuade taking hert, gradually ignored leaving her deserted from their teams. Loneliness aggravated, teachers neglected her too.
         I took her to a family physician, who carried out many physical and pathological investigations but could not find any abnormalities; referred her case to a psychologist cum counselor. The popular Dr. L got on to the job pursuing close to Lilly by friendly sweet talks, couldn’t make any headway in identifying the root cause.

I realized it’s best talking to Lilly close to heart , find her real problem.
“Lilly, you seem to be bored, let us watch a movie “I switched on the TV.
“Leave me alone mom, I don’t relish it”
“How about game, dear?”
“No mom, I am not interested, please don’t disturb me”
“Lilly, hear me…”
“No mom, don’t disturb”
“I have been watching you, you have lost interest in anything, your teachers complain about your poor performance and disinterested attitude. What’s your real trouble? “
“Will you keep your mouth shut? I hate you” tears rolled down her eyes.

         She ran to her bed room, slammed the door behind, hid her face in the pillow.I got scared she’s acting mad? mild sobbing makes me cry, watched through the window. She gradually slipped into deep sleep.
         Sitting in the chair, after a long worried mind, the mellow clicking of wall clock appeared to calm me down, I too began sliding into deep sleep. Soothing hiss of cool breeze engulfed the room, sounds of harbinger flying across herd now and then.
         A loud scream, “ No, don’t advance, you brat” “Don’t stab, I’m not your …..” followed by the big thud of Lilly jumping on to chair left me dumb ,took a while to gather senses. Seeing a dark figure flying out of the window. Lilly is crying loud hiding her face into my bosom, I became speechless, fondling to calm her down!

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