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How should My Work Environment be for Happy and Productive Writing?
My Work Environment

         I was taken aback by the prompt about “my desk space”. I had no desk space in its conventional meaning; how could I respond if it does not exist? After a pause I decided to write about places and environs in which I work on writing to be precise.
         My personal computer I carry all around my home serves to type out anywhere any time on the job. But most of my writing happens during the calm and quiet environs around my coffee desk, a note pad and pen accompanied. The beautiful garden, trees and chirping birds that I view through the window inspire me in the process. A stroll in the garden when I am stuck helps me recover.

         Obviously my mind stops seeing something disorganized with clutter around, attention diverts then and there to clean and clear them. It motivates me to be amidst neat and clean well organized surroundings, amidst sights of greenery and flowers, the melody of birds chirping. My coffee desk provides all that and the pleasure of having a cup of coffee.

          To be productive I mean getting quality written matter in a short time and smart way without struggles and hold ups. Extempore flow of thought getting typed as it flashes to mind matters the most. Editing and refining, painful but essential steps, take the normal stride, require lot of patience and search. A calm disturbance free surroundings are obvious necessities.

         If all the above are fulfilled, I feel happy. It is a delight if turn out a well written matter read and appreciated by readers at large.

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