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Rated: E · Fiction · Fanfiction · #2231671
Unsuccessful Search of Team-mate by Survivor Pilots After Parachute Bail out their Plane
The parachute bail out

“Thud ……” the loud crash hinted my parachute is hanging to a tree. I am unable see the ground. Small patches of sunlight here and there hints me there’s no way out than to unlock belt and perch on to tree branch, climb down ………..”

Feeble human voices amidst the roars of wind past trees , indicated our team-mates are somewhere around. I am already on ground, it’s dark everywhere. I lighted my search light from bailout kit. Waving the search light I shouted “Oh captain……….I’m John here……….”

Soon I got a light signal in reply “Hi John…Moses here……….I too am on ground”
I gathered courage , shouted “Move carefully to wards my light signal as I move towards your signal”

As we reached each other we hugged and thanked the Almighty “ We met, though in distress. Thank God”

“Did you get any signal from Rodrigues?” Captain Moses , shivering with shock said “ I couldn’t get any”

“No, not so far”

“We’ll wave our flash lights together.” Shouting “ Hi Rodrigues, signal in return, I am Captain Moses with John , we’re safe”

“We will continue flashing lights. Wait for his response” Captain continued shouting “ We’re Captain Moses and John here, signal in return”

Waiting to get reply signal our continued waving light and shouting for reply, for hours in went in vain.

Patches of sunlight gradually diminished. “It’s either evening or clouds are blocking the sunlight” said Captain Moses.

“We will move in random direction together, captain, what do you say”

“Yes, we w’ll move ” captain started moving. We moved hours after hours in vain

“Take it cool, don’t lose hopes” I urged the restless captain

“What the hell are we doing”…. “We’re not getting anywhere.” Captain shouted in distress.

Word Count 297
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2231671-The-parachute-bail-out