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A poem about growth and fixed mindset. (assignment for Lit Labs 9/10/2020)
A man sits by an icy draft
Unknowing of how to get it fixed.
He has the tools at hand
He just doesn't know the trick.

A woman sits beside him
His wife at best guess.
She shivers quite often
Even being overdressed.

"What's the problem?"
She asks, with concern in her eyes.
"Nothing," he replies dumbly,
His panic forced a lie.

"This is quite simple,
Why haven't you started?"
He looks at her and thinks,
Am I dumb and she smarter?

"What is the solution,
If you know it so well?"
"Hit the nails with the hammer,
Against the wood," she tells.

He didn't know the answer,
Yet the woman knew it better than him.
"I didn't know that," he ponders,
His guilt pointing at his apparent "sin".

"I watched my father at work
When our house became a wreck.
I learned all I know from him
And it has passed the test.

"He taught me to be openminded
And yes, I've tried my best.
Even if I failed all I've tried
There was always time to rest."

This thought process shocked him
For he never knew such peace
Like learning new things
Rather than to compete.

It's very clear to see
That the woman has a growth mindset
Adaptive of many situations
Eager to learn from her mistakes.

On the other side of the spectrum
The man has a fixed mindset
His opinions of people is black and white
With no grey in between
And a single mistake makes the decision
Of who you shall be.

Note: There is nothing about gender bias or preference about this. This is just about two characters faced with a situation and one of them happen to know the solution. It just happens that I decided to give them roles and relations to each other, so there's that.
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