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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Crime/Gangster · #2231929
Sam and George have a plan.
Explain It Again, Sam

Sam and his partner George, were hunched over a building plan. The older man was explaining his idea for ripping off the people who lived there. He was fast talker and never waited to see if he was understood.

As he went on, sketching his thoughts on the plan, George’s look got more bewildered. Finally Sam stopped to take a breath and a gulp of coffee.

“Explain it to me one more time,” George begged.

Sam heaved a sigh.

“This is the third time I’ve explained! Maybe I need a different partner,” he said.

“Aw, don’t worry, fourth times a charm,” George answered

“All right, but listen up this time!”

George put his chin on his hands and leaned on the table attentively. Sam started out clearly and slowly, but his ideas got him so excited, the words picked up speed until he sounded like an auctioneer. His partner nodded like a bobblehead, his eyes glazing over.

“We need to do this job next week. The people are going away then. Got it?”

George nodded.

“We’ll talk some more tomorrow.”

“Okay Sam. Wanna meet for brunch?”

“Sure, Sil’s Deli at one.”

The two men parted and George headed to Dom’s. When he got there, Dom was sitting on his porch, having a beer and smoking a big cigar.

“Georgie! What’s new?” he said as George climbed the stairs.

George sat in the chair beside Dom and started to tell him about Sam’s plan. He listened, nodding occasionally. Then he asked questions.

“Hand me the phone!” the Mafia kingpin said and George did.

After a short conversation, Dom slapped George on the back.

“Tell your mother to call me. I think I could use you in my organization.”

“Thanks, Uncle Dom!” George said happily as he left.

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