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Rated: E · Poetry · Romance/Love · #2232162
A short collection of poems on true love defeating its counterpart, unrequited love.
The Swing
The Mirror
The Rose
The Daisies and all the Flowers
The Defeat of the Weed
Eternal Love
A Palace with a Garden

The Swing

Two legs, dangling in the air…
I see the blue of the sky! And the white wisps, like spun sugar across a backdrop of topaz.
I turn around, and around, and around,
And experience the centripetal drug
I will never know a love like this endless drug;
But this swing was meant for two…
Four legs…
Sweeping across the mottled sky
But then lightning comes
And rain gushes forth, like a release of tears.
Give me your legs
And crook them with mine,
Give me your arms
And cradle them over my body,
Give me your smile,
And radiate it against my face,
And give me your love…
Into your hand this letter I place.
I saw eternities in your eyes…
I would die... to see eternities in your eyes… forever…

The Mirror

The reflection of myself in a mirror
Is only the opposite of what people see.
A photograph, on the other hand, is right-side forward.
But the mirror and a photograph only show a flat picture,
And all I know about the way I look is what I can imagine.
Even a sculpture could not show me the image of myself.
All the art and all the music and all the poetry that ever was
Do not depict my appearance to me.
All the words you tell to me never do enlighten me.
I am not a dove.
I am not a frog.
I am not a crow.
I am not an inchworm.
I am a human being.
But how am I unique?
All the words you tell to me never do make me see;
But I am satisfied when you are in the mirror next to me.


When I look into one mirror, I see eternity.
When I look into the other mirror, I see another eternity.
We are mirrors.
When we look at each other,
I see my eternity in your eyes
And you see your eternity in mine.
We are two reflecting mirrors.


Look into eternity,
And you will see
The possibility
Of love.
Echo’s answer from the void
Became a plea:
“Will you love me?”
And no longer an echo.
Echo rose from her darkened cave,
And came to speak to the flower again:
“Will you please answer me?”
But the flower sat in sun-bathed glee;
Growing up from nurtured soil;
He opened up his petals to the sky,
And sent out his perfumed scent to her.
She came out timidly from her cave,
Looked down at the flower,
And picked it.
She smelled the plucked beauty,
Twirled it with her fingers,
And walked happily back through the forest,
But the flower withered and died.
She threw it to the earth,
And to dust it became again.
Echo had her voice again, to sing, and not to repeat.
“I saw a flower with poisonous beauty;
Its name has no meaning to me.
I plucked it up from resentful earth,
And played with it, my trophy.
The flower has died, but I do not care.
The Narcissus flower dies for eternity.”
The nymph smiled and danced around.
“Here I dance in victory,
On into eternity.”
And it fertilized a different flower:
This one was a perfect, scarlet rose.

The Rose

The rose, the most beautiful flower,
Lives forever.
You and I are the loveliest roses in the garden.
We grow and live together,
In perfect harmony.
The rose is the flower of romance, and of love.
I am drugged by its scent.
The petals of the rose are soft;
And good to me.
I love to be a rose,
With another rose beside me.

The Daisies and all the Flowers

The daisies grew with petals white;
And all the flowers poked up, too.
I saw the garden with utmost delight,
And saw the colors intensify there.
Once I took a pure, white daisy,
And plucked its petals one by one.
“He loves me.” “He loves me not.”
The very last petal was, “He loves me not.”
And so the daisy died.
But it was a curse.
Daisies are meant for friendship,
Not for a Pagan trick.
The daisy lives forever,
And forever, “He loves me.”
All the flowers grew and agreed.
They said, “Yes, he loves you.”
And the garden grew forever.

The Defeat of the Weed

The Narcissus flower was a weed disguised as a flower.
Echo killed it and the flowers lived.
Poisonous plants are never allowed,
Because they choke the innocent growth.
And so the weed was defeated.
It became dust.

Eternal Love

The roses live forever as in their prime.
With petals ever reaching heavenward,
They will never wither and die again.
They begin as seeds.
They become buds.
Over time, they reach their full bloom.
They die, but it is a temporary death.
The growing of life dies.
The roses which reached heavenward
Shed death by dying.
And they only died their temporary deaths
Because they love each other for eternity.

A Palace with a Garden

In the palace there lived a princess and a prince.
Out through the window they could see their garden.
They admired their garden happily;
And lived in bliss, for eternity.

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