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A short story about the loss of your Child.
You are not alone
wd. CT. 258

It was early September I was feeling so happy every time you moved around in my belly. You made me smile just thinking about all the fun things in life I want to show you. Just a few more weeks until we meet, my precious little boy.

That night about midnight I began feeling a lot of pain from my stomach like cramps, but its too soon for you to come. I made it to the payphone across the street and called myself an ambulance and I asked them to come quietly and I will be waiting for them on my porch.

The nice EMT lady was truly kind and helpful in getting me into the vehicle. She had a beautiful sparkle on her face as she talked me through the process of having a baby. She was concerned that he was coming a few weeks early, but we did not talk any more about it.

By the time I got to the hospital, I was nearly ready to have you. I barely had time to call my dad and my sister, mom was on a cruise in Curacao. You were born within an hour. Your beautiful soft tiny face and your tiny fingers and toes, but something went terribly wrong. Your lungs did not develop enough for you to live.

I held you tightly as they turned off the life support. The only sound I could hear was the water hitting the windows like the shower of tears running down my face. Rest in Peace my son. 😔
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