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by Natty
Rated: E · Letter/Memo · Action/Adventure · #2232419
I tried a second part to my first candy love letter.
My sweetest cookie.
Do you remmber when we me met? I saved you from the sherbert volcano dodging rocks of gumballs climbing higher and higher as the gummy bears tried to turn you into one of them. I only had a lollypop stick for a weapon but nothing will ever make me lose you my pear drop. I beat them all my dearest skittle. I fled with you riding a jelly bean down the volcano as it sprewed molten sugar trying to get us. When we reached the bottom you flung your self into my arms and we loving kissed under the laff taffy trees. My sweet little dolly mix. Since that day I will never leave your side, I am bound to you and our adventures. I need you at my side in our cottage made from logs of twix next to the milky lake. The wild sour patch kids play in the tall wild strawberry laces with the jelly babies. As the sun sets and I cuddle with you I know what real love feels like.
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