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Rated: E · Short Story · Children's · #2232447
Little Snake learns an important lesson.
691 Word entry for September's "Writing 4 Kids Contest

“You scared me. I almost jumped right out of my skin.” Momma Snake hissed. She felt quite rattled but tried not to show it. While people thought snakes spoke lies with forked tongues she was quite proud of herself. She used hers mostly to test the air for something good to eat. She only used her rattling hissy fits for warnings.

Little Snake wiggled excitedly. “Sssorry, Momma Snake, Sssome noise ssscared me.”

Momma Snake stuck her tongue out and flicked it all around. The bed of roses she nested in smelled sweet. It was nice and warm to curl up in, safe and secure. Its thorns kept the house cat away. That was a big yellow striped tabby called Tom. He walked so silently on fur padded feet the noise couldn’t have been him. Perhaps it was a rat. She would take care of that.

Rats made quite a good meal. They were smelly creatures who carried fleas and disease. It was best to take rats right off the map before they invaded and made nests of their own.

“It is daylight. Come rest. Night time is when we hunt best.” People who made the garden liked the birds and the bees. They didn’t know about all the other animals living there. Lizards darted here and there catching bugs, keeping the garden clean of those pests.

Tom cat patrolled at night hunting these and larger prey. If he caught Little Snake out alone Tom would be all teeth and claws. “Stay close. Is that the noise you heard?” She hissed. It was dark, time to slither and glide.

“Yesss.” Little Snake found it hard keeping up with his mom. The rattling sound wasn’t a big snake. It came from tumbling garbage cans. Raccoons visited them often, knocking the lids off to get into the spoils. Leftover food and garbage spilled everywhere before they were done.

The battle ground Momma Snake arrived at had Wild Dog scrounging for a meal. Tom Cat was having a hissy fit. HIs fur stood on end. His tail whipped in the air. There were others.

“Mice.” Momma Snake tasted them with her tongue on the evening breeze. They were just as bad as rats, although smaller.

While Wild Dog and Tom Cat growled at each other, Momma Snake struck at a mouse. “Were you watching, Little Snake? To see how it is done?”

Little Snake was nowhere to be seen. Momma Snake to get scared. She had traveled too fast and left Little Snake far behind. What if Wild Dog or Tom Cat noticed him trying to catch up? Either might end Little Snake’s life with one twist and snap of their jaws.

There was Little Snake out in the open, all coiled, feeling as rattled as life could be.

The sound caught the attention of both the wild dog and Tom at the same moment. There was no time to be lost. Momma Snake became rattled. Her tail shook out loud. Not knowing which way to turn, the dog and cat leaped high in the air, turned tails and ran.

“Don’t take on animals bigger than you, Little Snake. Stay silent unless you are noticed..”

Little Snake was a good student. It took once to learn that lesson. Don’t try to make yourself bigger than you are. It will only come to no good. You learn more by staying quiet and listening, asking questions later. “Yesss, Momma Snake.”

It was a good night’s hunting after all. Little Snake learned how to catch his very one first meal mouse. All he had to do was lay quiet in waiting. He hid next to some smelly, moldy cheese.

A mouse got so excited it stopped listening. It darted into Little Snake’s open fanged mouth. Momma Snake filled her belly up, too. It was time to get some well earned rest.

The exciting night had been scary at times. When the people came out and found the garbage mess, Little Snake hissed. He listened. Noise couldn’t hurt him. He knew his place and purpose in the garden, keeping mice in check. Once they were, it would be time to move on. He calmed down and slept.
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