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by K.HBey
Rated: E · Fiction · Horror/Scary · #2232503
Simone finds herself on a strange road.

The mystical road

Simone used to go for work at eight AM. On the same path, she crosses the train station where a big crowd is waiting. She goes straight forward and at the end of the town, she is at the crossroad and always takes her left to reach her cosmetics company.

The GPS indicates that she should turn at the right.
“Again trouble with my GPS,” she exclaims.
She assesses again though the policeman shows her the right direction too.
She continues the road and seems to be on the same road she used to take but suddenly she finds herself crossing a big forest where the road seems endless.
“I have never been here before,” she exclaims.

She continues until she reaches the crossroad again. At her surprise, there is no policeman no lights. She continues straight forward where she notices that her petrol is in red. She assesses for a gas station where she finds herself in the desert.

She parks near a small and unique hotel in a town. She finds an old man at the reception.
The blond man's face is full of wrinkles and his white beard contrasts with her big black hat.
She is wearing a black suit that seems of another time but fully clean.
The hotel is painted in red where some black and white pictures fill the walls.

Her steps fit with the woody ground lugubrious crackles.
Her heart is in her throat but she finds herself in front of the worst.
“Hello! Sir! Where I am?” She asks
He launches a deep glance and his blue wise eyes seem to hide a lot. His cynical smile denounces a mystical thing.
“You are in no man’s land,” the phlegmatic man replies.

KHBEY/ The mystical road/ 297 words/Sep/ 16/2020

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