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The summary of a depressive.
Once Again

Once again am I a babe

cradled in my mother's arms.

Pride and joy only temporary,

a love quickly dismissed

Once again am I forsaken;

a child cold and alone

standing naked in the dark

with uncertainties and doubts.

Once again do I wonder

why I'm chastised again

Why must I endure castigation?

No innocence allowed me.

Once again am I thrust

into a world unforgiving.

Learn of fear and seclusion.

Left to defend myself.

Once again am I stripped

of mental and emotional strength

Only torment is my comfort.

Left to face all alone.

Once again am I almost a man

still alone and bare in the dark,

a shell of an empty nothing,

a sarcophagus crafted by will.

Once again can I only err!

A mortal, incorrectly labeled.

Thought myself impregnable

and so I cried alone.

Once again am I an adult.

(By physical definition, anyway.)

Still alone in a world with no use

for a soul such as myself.

Once again am I immolated

by those so unconcerned.

Ignominious in my futility,

my suffering is immense.

Once again am I a failed warrior

against all whom I despise.

But I am ineffectual, so

languish in lachrymal sorrows.

Once again do I feel the spear

so ceremoniously through my heart.

I fall to sanguine dreams

in a dark and earthy abyss.

Once again in supine submission,

peace contorts my face.

Asleep in a tellurian cradle.

None lament my passage.

Once again am I a babe

cradled in my mother's arms.

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