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Prove me wrong! Just kidding. I'd love to hear your opinions and take on this experience.
I've been watching a popular tv show for a little while now and they're on this racist storyline lately and it's been so triggering that I have trouble enjoying parts of the show! I'm tough enough that I scare "tough guys" and wild animals and impress therapists so it's not the graphic nature of the content. I like the show just not the direction they're going.... (I actually wonder who makes it and what their experiences with systemic racism are? As in, have they had any? lol!)

I understand the show is trying to: 1. raise awareness 2. show how bad the villains are and why and 3. racism is just so hawt right now! Etc.

It just seems like people are already getting VERY aware through a constant bombardment about societal issues stemming from systemic racism and bias over the years.
And that's great, it's hard to fix things when people won't admit there's even a problem. Some people never change. And why would they change something that works for them?

Is racism really the ultimate way to convey evil in a person? Why keep bringing Hitler up and out in modern society? He seems more like a celebrity of evil than an abhorred memory. And though he's not forgotten genocides and atrocities are still committed by men, for similar reasons (money, ego, superiority, selfishness, jealousy, fear).

Having powerful characters demonstrate racism is like a how-to manual for beliefs and actions. Maybe that's why it's so triggering to me when I see it? I've lived it in North America. Felt it, literally fought it with my little hands. This isn't something hidden behind closed doors or observed. It's life, for a lot of people, every day, today.

Seeing a majority race commit violent acts against a minority or call people "garbage" because of the colour of their skin reminds me of when it happened to me. I honestly can't see a point to reproducing that in a story or fictional setting other than furthering interest in your show or being "edgy".

Racism isn't about colours. Every country, religion and group has its share of 'it'. It seems like it's a side effect of classism. In my opinion, racism is just an easy way to justify hoarding wealth and power at the expense of other people.


This review/response was excellent so I've decided to include it:

From D. Reed Whittaker
RE: "Rasicm is a side effect of Classism."

We may have some definition issues. Racism can exist within the same class, often does. Racism is tribalism in an amorphous society - when you don't know who belongs where. It's easy to know if someone is noy of your tribe if they look different. Color is a great differentiator. Speach, dress, religion, income also work well to define who does or doesn't belong to the club. The issue is not so much racism as it is exclusion. Exclusion from the rights and privileges from a given society.

"Is racism really the ultimate way to convey evil in a person?" Is evil an attitude or an action? A belief or a practice? Can having evil thoughts cause harm? Are evil thoughts evil? To answer your question: no racism is not the ultimate evil. Not sure we have seen the ultimate evil, but the Holocaust comes close. Lynchings come close. Our border policies come close. Our treatment of Native Americans comes close. Slavery comes close.

Is racism the problem, or is insecurity the problem? Would racism exist if we were happier with who we are? The white sharecropper has more in common with the black sharecropper than he does the landowner, but who does he attack? Does he attack his oppressor, or his neighbor? Economic insecurity, fostered and nurtured by the landowner, puts the white sharecropper at the throat of the black sharecropper. Divide and conquer works so well. Hatred and anger fuels the division. And the rich get richer (greed), the poor get poorer (disunity).

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. Make the pursuit more fruitful and there will be much less racism. Make economic equality more obtainable and there will be less classism. Make Justice for All a reality and you might have a nation.

Been fun. We should do this again.
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