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Rated: E · Poetry · Religious · #2232837
Inspired by 3 Nephi 11
I think we children saw Him first.
Little ones often struggle to focus
on chores or lessons,
but we have the instinct,
the well-drilled habit
of looking up when called.

Our parents, burdened by heavy
questions of an unsettled year,
turned about in confusion
as though this sudden, calm voice
flooded from seams and cracks
as precursor to another convulsion.

Perhaps it was, but not
the kind that shakes earth—
rather one that shifts pieces together
with satisfying rumble and snug click
according to master mason’s plan
as he sets temple capstone.

Our young eyes quickly picked out
His distant figure drawing near.
The grownups traced our gaze
heavenward, listened intently.
And then, everything else
fell away.

Inspired by the Come, Follow Me readings for September 14-20
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