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A tiny story about a big character. Written for Harry Potter and the Writers' Spell
I wished that it were my cat that landed heavily at the edge of my bed.

But I knew better. I knew what was really lurking by my feet.

I tried to keep my breathing steady as I pushed my face into the pillow.

If I ignore it, it will go away. I just need to distract myself.

But I couldn’t, I had to look.

Slowly, and with the eagerness of the damned, I sat up in bed.

And there it was, sitting with its huge eyes unblinking, just watching me.

Its eyes grew even larger as it realized that I was awake, “Good morning, Miss.”

My heart reacted violently, “Go away,” I said with no authority.

It frowned, “Is Miss angry? Did Dobby do a bad thing?”

I knew what it would do next. It did it last time. It threw itself brutally across the room, yelling the words ‘bad Dobby.’

It was a horrifying display.

“No, you didn’t,” I said and watched it relax.

“May I?” it said, gesturing for the suitcase I keep by the bed.

I nodded and it lunged at it.

I froze as it looted my hard work.

“Dobby loves Miss’s socks,” it declared, holding two of my new designs in its tiny hands. “I brought Miss Pudding Cake.”

I almost passed out as it floated the cake over my stomach.

It then gave me a small nod and disappeared.

I know you told me that this is a stress-induced hallucination, but I can still see the fancy cake. And the socks I was going to use for my pitch meeting, much like last time, are gone.

I need an appointment with you, and possibly some medications.


Amelia William
Associate Designer
Socks Galore Inc.

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