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by Jolanh
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What if a nano prep
What if someone was accidentally given powers because their parents detected a severe genetic defect and tried to fix it in the womb. The end result is the child is born superhuman but his powers lay dormant until the age of thirteen. The board of health finds out about their experiment only to discovers the parents left before any action could be taken.

What if an enfield (guardian spirit) possesses a child and the child gains the ability to summon the spirit as an oversoul, however the longer the oversoul is active the more beast like the child becomes. The connection causes chaos in his everyday life

What if a child gains powers by simple random genetic mutation, and is one of 200 superpowered beings in the world.

What if the parents were supervillains trying to create the perfect foot soldier, but can't replicate the formula until their test subject turns sixteen. The child finds out and uses his/her powers to go on the run

What if in a world full of wizards a special class of wizards called auramancers exist. They can't cast long range spells but can shape them into weapons. Rather than wands, staff, book, amulet, they have special gloves called hex fists. Auramancers are brutes compared to a normal wizard, and usually become assassins for hire.

What if a superpowered being winds up in an alternate world that never progressed beyond the middle ages. And becomes the first superhero their world has seen.
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