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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Horror/Scary · #2233190
The darkness is here
"Hey there" I said to my girlfriend Kate.

"You sure that we are allowed to pass over that gate" was her reply

"I'm sure, the owner died last year. Everyone has been to afraid to buy it because they claim it's cursed"

"Oh, I don't believe in witch lore"

"Me neither but I never traveled across the gate"

"But you don't want to do it alone"


"So let's go"

My Girlfriend lifted me over a fence and I opened the gate for her.

Even from the entrance of the manor, we could hear creaking sounds coming from the house. The night was dark and gloomy. I had the feeling that their was a ghostly presence in my mist. By the way my girlfriend was shaking too, I thought she must be having similar thoughts. Bogus. I need to get the full experience of this weird and terrifying place.

We walked slowly and carefully to the manor. We listened to every crunch of the leaves that were on the ground. Every crack from the branches that we stepped on. And every chirp from the birds siting on the trees above us, warning us how dangerous our journey will be. We walked together. Holding each others hand as if one of us was a mother and the other a son.

When the trees cleared, I shivered as I noticed a lighted candle in the old, abandoned house in the woods. Like all the other signs of the upcoming terror, I would not let this deter me from my journey.

When we arrived at the doors to the manor, the doors swung open. My girlfriend and I entered closely together just as we did coming to the doors. The doors closed shut upon our entrance to the house.

My girlfriend turned to me. "I don't like this"

My reply was, "Me neither"

She turned around and tried the handle. Nothing. "I guess it's too late now"

"Let's look around this house. There has to be a way out" I said trying to be somewhat hopeful.

I took one step and suddenly I was being pushed forward. My legs walked without my control.

"What is going on?"

"This is not what I signed up for"

"I'll be fine"

"Say, can you see?"

"No, the lights must have gone out"

"Good thing we both brought flashlights"

"Yeah, the candles that were here earlier must have blown out just now"

"I noticed, Mr. Obvious"

"I can't reach for my flashlight"

"Neither can I"

We stopped walking. The candles flickered on. I tried to walk back the way I came but the path was blocked off by an invisible wall. The path opened up to an oval room with multiple paths in three directions.

"This doesn't look like the layout I saw when we entered" I observed

"Yeah, this was a bad idea" my girlfriend added.

"No kidding"

"Welcome to my realm" said a strange voice.

I looked around the oval room. I saw some wilted flowers on a shelf above the Pathways but no presence that would indicate a person or entity that can speak.

"Who are you and what do you want?" I asked

"To play a little game" the voice

"I guess I have no choice"

"That is correct"

"What is this game?"

"To see how scared you will get in a short period of time"

I looked over and saw my girlfriend disappearing before my head snapped back.

"We shall begin"

"NOOOOOOOO" I yelled at the top of my lungs.

"Choose a path to walk through"

"If I don't"

"One will be chosen for you"

I walked forward through the path in front of me.

On the other side of the path, I noticed dripping blood. That blood multiplied and I closed my eyes. Something slammed into me knocking me down. I opened my eyes and noticed the body of my girlfriend on top of me. Completely nude and bloodied. Her eyes opened. They were red like blood.

She said, "you are nothing"

I was speechless.

She continued, "You dragged me here. You are the reason I was rapped in the cruelest way. It's all your fault"

"I didn't know" I replied.

"You always know"

She opened her fangs and bit me. The blood gushed out of my skin and the pain associated with it was unbearable. I was shuttering. I closed my eyes again and I was back in the oval room again lying painfully on the ground.

"Welcome to your new world" said the voice.

I shivered as blood continued to come out.


I rose. The blood stopped coming out.

"Bow before the Ghost of Ghostly Night"

I bowed.

"You will obey my every command"

"I will" I replied.

"Then let the darkness consume you"

"Proudly, I'm at your service"

"Good my new friend"

(805 words)

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