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a surprise gift found during an early morning nature walk.
Each day my dawn spawned my wandering
Upon a woodsy path mid flowers and loam.

My dog led the way hunting what she may,
Along wayward twists and turns we roamed.

Sunlight played among dappled fall colors.
Birds sang early morning cheer.

Squirrels, deer, our wild brothers
Never failed to appear.

Our final shared destination a mirrored pond
Spawned ducks, geese and migrant hawks aloft.

Breathing in mother nature my heart would respond
While my eyes searched for something new to watch.

In Blackberry bushes, my Katie dog flushed a kitten.
Left behind, deposited on purpose? It mewed,

Batted at Katie’s long nose. I was smitten.
Should I pick and choose? On my finger it chewed.

When a child owner glad cried at her pet being found.
The mother came up to marvel from behind.

Their gratitude and love expressed were profound.
Human nature graced the moment, kindness defined.

Life at its best is a welcome guest whether wild or tame.
The reason remains the same. Hearts bond beyond reclaim.

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