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An unusual birthday celebration
Natal Day

Sara Donner woke up smiling. It was her birthday or natal day as she had come to call it. For a long time, she had celebrated alone because all her family were deceased and she had trouble making friends. In recent years though, she had made big changes, one of them was starting to prepare early for her birthday.

While eating a light breakfast as she always did on this day, Sara went over the list in her head of what she wanted to do. A month ago, as was her custom in last seven years, she had gone on to one of her favorite websites: BirthdayTwins dot com or as long term users called it, BT.com. She carefully went over the latest entries and picked one that had the criteria and appealed to her.

Alice Carson. They lived within twenty miles of each other and had many things in common. When Sara pinged her, the woman had gotten back almost immediately, which was a plus in Sara’s mind.

Their relationship had gone from good to better very quickly. They did things together for a while. But lately, Sara had begun to notice changes.

Alice was constantly calling her wanting to chat for hours about inane subjects only interesting to her. If Sara didn’t answer her calls fast enough or even at all, Alice showed up at her door in a panic. It had started going rapidly downhill from there.

Still, there was no reason they couldn’t enjoy their mutual birthday together before parting. With that in mind, Sara had sent Alice an engraved invitation to dinner at her family’s farm in the country. Enclosed was a note that said Sara would pick her up at 7:30 pm on the big day and they would go for drinks at a local pub near the farm.

After that, they would return to the farmhouse for dinner. In spite of what she’d made Alice believe, Sara only did very basic cooking. So the dinner would be delivered and set up while they had drinks.

She had already taken out her mother’s good Limoges dinner set and put it on the dining room table, with silver, crystal and linens. Sara kept everything clean ahead of these occasions as it meant she could relax on her birthday and decide what special touches she would add to Alice’s meal.

By keeping the conversation lively and laughter flowing, she’d be able to stick to salad and wine while plying her guest with other food. If the past birthdays she’d celebrated with other BT.com friends meant anything, Sara knew she wouldn’t have to wait long. Once Alice had breathed her last, she could go to work.

After removing her favorite bits from Alice’s body for the completion on her own natal day feast, the rest would end up in the previously prepared grave in a remote part of the farm’s acreage. Sara wasn’t exactly sure just how many such sites there were anymore. The first few, after she became disappointed in them, were simply cut up and disposed of in well-scattered lime pits.

But since she had studied her family’s past closely, she had decided, in the most recent five years, to do more. Once Alice was in the grave, limed and buried, Sara would come back to the house and clean up, changing her clothes and burning everything in the fireplace.

After removing Alice’s dinnerware and washing them thoroughly, Sara would begin cooking. The kidneys and liver were thinly sliced and sautéed lightly. Adding the eyeballs to a skewer, she would decorate her plate with them.

When all was ready, she would sit down with the rest of her salad and wine. After all, she was sure being Donner made cannibalism almost genetic. Regardless, it had come to be a natal day ritual for her and meant she didn’t have to keep friends she didn’t want any more!

Later, after tidying up, Sara would sit on the couch with scrapbooks she’d compiled. In them, were articles about the Donner party and its fate, as well as instant pictures of all the friends that had come to her past birthday dinners. It was so perfect!

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