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Marvelous Melnish has an unexpected interview.

Early in his life as a time-travelling magician, Marvelous Melnish experienced the oddest incident, as if doing what he couldn’t prevent wasn’t strange enough. He appeared abruptly in an outer office. He sat down and watched the office manager typing.

She looked up then looked at the empty waiting area. Eying Melnish up and down, she said:

“I guess you’re next.”

Wondering what he was next for, Melnish followed her as she opened a glassed door and announced:

“Your next appointment is here, Mr. Hershel!”

“Send him in!” said a jovial voice.

She gestured him forward until he was in the room. Then she closed the door and the sound of typing resumed. The balding man behind the desk stood and held out one meaty hand.

“Simon Hershel, and you are?”

“Marvin Melnish,” the magician said as his hand was engulfed in Hershel’s.

“Mr. Melnish. I have several other candidates for the job, so I’ll get right down to it. Please, take a seat and we’ll begin.”

Melnish sat in the visitor’s chair and looked expectant.

“Why do you want to work here?” Hershel asked.

A standard question. But how was he to answer it since he wasn’t sure where here was.

“It’s always been a dream of mine to work in a prestigious office.”

Hershel looked surprised, then he smiled broadly.

“There are so many theatrical agents in the Big Apple, I’m surprised to hear that!”

“What do you see yourself doing ten year in the future ?”

Melnish stood as the eerie feeling came over him once more.

“I’d really like to take another crack at Carnegie Hall. Can you swing it?”

As Melnish began to fade into nothingness once more, he said:

“It’s my first ever job interview, so I’m not surprised that I’ve lost the job !”

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