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For Nano Prep
Tidemouth is a large town on the south coast. A river, the Tiddy, runs through it, dividing the town into two policing areas, Riverside and Box Hill. It is a fishing port. A street market is held most days on Market Square. There is a middle class shopping precinct with a wine bar and a sushi shop.

Riverside Police Station is where most of the action takes place. The hospital mortuary and the forensics lab also feature.

Acting DS Rebecca Brookes is the main character. Her main flaw is that she is unsure of herself. Now she is pregnant. If anyone finds out, she will be put on restricted duties. Her goal is to solve the crime without her secret getting out.

The second protagonist is thirteen year old Jess Barnes. Her flaw is her immaturity. Her goal to keep the children safe.

Main antagonist is Lionman, Leonid Oblonsky, people smuggler, loan shark, and killer.

Rebecca has a secret she must keep if she is to uncover the secrets of others and find the children.
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