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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Action/Adventure · #2233746
Tyson meets Simone.
Problems Galore

“Excuse me, may I get past please!”

The lounging man with the long hair and black clothing turned his head slowly toward her. His stare was penetrating and a bottomless black. Simone’s eyes widened.

Anyone who knew her could have predicted what would come next. Anger.

“What is your problem?” she gritted.

The man straightened and eyed her.

“I’m looking at it!”

Simone put her hands on her hips and stuck out her chin.

“What do you have against a polite request to pass?”

“What’s your name, problem child?” he retorted.

She shut her mouth firmly, which only made him laugh. He looked her over again.

“Let’s see…Is it Simone?”

He reached out with one long arm and grabbed her wrist.

“What’s your hurry? I enjoy solving problems!” he whispered as he drew her toward him.

“I can see politeness has gotten me nowhere, so I’ll try something else,” Simone murmured.

With a swift move, she had him down on the ground and had planted her six inch slender heel on his Adam’s apple. Grinding it slightly, she smiled grimly.

“You seem to have a lack of something other than manners. What is a young, fit guy like you doing standing idly on a corner? Before you answer, let’s have your name.”

She removed her shoe from his neck and watched him get up. The losers he’d been standing with were gone. When he was on his feet, he gave her a fulminating look.

“I won’t offer you a job without knowing your name,” she stated.

“Tyson Robey”

“Well, Mr. Robey, let’s take a walk and discuss your future employment.”

By the time Tyson was handing her into her car, he had a job as her driver and body guard and he still wasn’t sure what hit him.

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2233746-Problems-Galore