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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Action/Adventure · #2233762
Two worlds collides during the conquest war of the Inca empire, the unexpected happens.

South America
Inca empire

Achiyaku went to the plaza to see how the meeting with the Spaniards would unfold.
With an army of eighty thousand men, the Inca emperor felt safe to encounter these newcomers.
Achiyaku was the captain of a battalion.
He had survived several battles in the past.
The plaza was eerily quiet.
Two men came out wearing strange clothes.
One of them was a translator who did not speak the language very well.
The other man with strange clothes demanded the emperor to submit to the Spanish crown and their religion otherwise the empire would be destroyed.

It was outrageous.

How could this man be so disrespectful to our land and traditions?

The emperor just laughed at them.
Suddenly, from all the windows surrounding the plaza emerged hundred of men with canons.
They fired.
It was a total carnage.
The emperor was captured and made prisoner.

Achiyaku managed to flee the scene.
There were many casualties. It was like an apocalypse.
He went to the mountains.
The empire was totally disorganized.
Finally Achiyaku escaped to the countryside to wait the orders.

In the following months, Achiyaku participated to several attacks against the Spaniards using guerilla tactics but nothing seemed to definitively work against them because they used horses, and they had good protective gears.
The emperor thought that he could negotiate with the Spaniards, if he could give them gold the Spaniards were so after; perhaps they would release him.

But despite making them very rich, the Spaniards decided to execute the emperor and put his brother in charge as a puppet ruler, they thought they could control him.
But after having made the mistake of raping his wife, the new emperor decided to rebel and to flee.
He called upon all the generals and chiefs still loyal to him in the empire to help him get rid of the Spanish conquistadors.

Achiyaku rejoiced when he heard the news.
He decided to join the most able general in the empire.
He participated in attacks against the Spaniards by using the terrain with boulders they threw from above. The mountainous regions of the Andes were the perfect place to realize this strategy.

The condors circled around the bodies to feast.

The emperor was very pleased with the first victories.
He decided that he could attack a strategic fort.
He thought that it would be a breather, but the siege lasted for months.

The emperor decided that the general should attack Lima the capital that the Spanish conquistadors established, but it was a different story because it was on a flat land.

The Inca army lost the advantage of attacking from above. Achiyaku followed the general in his campaign but the leader was killed during a crucial battle.
When Achiyaku saw that his side was losing the battle, he decided to retreat with his men.
The emperor was informed of the defeat.
Achiyaku waited a long time to receive an order to know what to do.
Finally, he received a message telling him that he had to join the emperor in a remote part of the amazon rainforest.
They would go there to regroup.
After all these years of war, Achiyaku had seen the most horrific cruelties.

He took the time to recover from his injuries.
The emperor decided that from now on, they would only engage in targeted attacks against the Spanish conquistadors. They would retreat in the forest as soon as possible.
Achiyaku entirely agreed with his emperor.
He thought that it was the most effective way to deal with the present circumstances.
But he also knew that the war with the Spanish conquistadors could not go on forever.

Achiyaku had lived all his life in the mountains.
He had to adapt to this new life in the forest.
With the help of the natives, he discovered that the forest was full of resources.
He became a good hunter and fisherman.
The emperor decided to permanently establish a new kingdom in the forest. He had been betrayed by the Inca elite who joined forces with the Spaniards.

The forest was a new world of sensations for Achiyaku.
The natives thought that everything had a spirit you should humbly respect.
A shaman told Achiyaku that his spirit was the one of the jaguar, and he should listen to the messages sent to him in his dreams.
Since the shaman revealed his spiritual identity, Achiyaku dreamed that he was jaguar roaming the forest to find its prey.

Achiyaku never married because the life of a soldier was very demanding. He wanted to go up the ladder in the military ranks, but now he felt lonely.

A new disease started to ravage the land.
People were dying in droves.
There was a rumour, that somewhere in the forest,
a Spaniard had fled his army. He had been adopted by a tribe deep in the jungle, and finally, he became their shaman.
Achiyaku thought that it was a joke
But few months later, he caught the disease.
Achiyaku could not recover from it.
He felt regularly tired.
One of his men told him that the rumour was true. The Spaniard in the forest could do something for him.
Apparently, he cured many people who went to see him.
Achiyaku was so weak and desperate that he decided to look for this Spanish shaman. He went with the man who told him about this mysterious shaman.
The march to go there was very slow and arduous.
You had to go through many small rivers.
But they were determined to do it.
Finally after four days of walking, they found the settlement where the Spaniard was.
Achiyaku was shocked that it was actually true.
In front of him, there was really a Spaniard dressed as a native of the forest.

The story about the Spaniard was that he deserted when he realised that his arrest was imminent because he helped robbed gold from other Spanish conquistador; He killed a man in the process.

He fled to the forest. He had been adopted by the natives when he helped them killed other Spaniards who wanted to pillage the settlement.
But Achiyaku remained vigilant. He had never trusted a Spaniard before.
He needed desperately to recover from the disease, so he decided to give it a try.

The next day, the Spanish shaman told Achiyaku to drink concoctions made of medicinal plants.
Achiyaku vomited abundantly but the shaman explained to him that it was totally normal.
His body needed to get rid of the negative energies.
After three days, Achiyaku felt better.
But the shaman told him that if he wanted to completely heal, he had to journey to the other dimensions where the spirits lived.

First, he had to be completely naked. He had to smoke hallucinogenic plants to help him reach a higher of degree consciousness to access the true knowledge of his soul.
He had to lied down, and his body had to be covered up to the neck with leaves.
After a couple of minutes, Achiyaku entered in state of trance,

He had the most extraordinary visions for three hours. When he finally stepped out of the
trance, he felt like a new born baby.
The following days, his health improved dramatically.
Achiyaku felt so healed that he decided to learn more about the tribe culture. He sent back the man who accompanied him back.
Later, Achiyaku made the decision to stay permanently.
The war against the Spaniards had no significance for him any more.
It was a Spaniard who helped him to recover.

Achiyaku went on to marry a native woman.
He started a new community in the forest.
His only desire was to live in harmony with the spirit of the jaguar.

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