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A review of the day's headlines.
The Times says the potential for chaos - just a month before election day - is "exponential" and stresses how important it will be for the American public to be kept "closely apprised" of how the president's health - and the country's leadership - are being managed.

The Financial Times declares that Mr Trump's positive coronavirus test has "added a new layer of uncertainty to what was already the most turbulent and unpredictable US election for decades".

Next to the paper's comment piece is a cartoon, showing the White House wearing a giant disposable mask.

In the Telegraph, Juliet Samuel, believes that unless Mr Trump "bounces back quickly, the election campaign will enter a strange twilight zone" where "what matters is not the pledges and rallies and debates, but whispers from the White House sickbed".

The Daily Mirror's editorial tells President Trump to "Get better and get lost". It wants Americans to "sack" him next month - for "so dangerously dismissing Covid-19".

"Hopes grow for a vaccine" is the main headline in the Times. It has learnt that a mass Covid-19 immunisation programme for adults in the UK could be completed in as little as three months - raising the prospect of every adult in the UK receiving a jab as early as Easter.

According to the paper, scientists working on the Oxford vaccine hope it could be approved by regulators before the start of next year. The Times says that "within weeks" training will begin for an army of physiotherapists, midwives and other health professionals drafted in to administer the vaccine.

As the Conservative Party prepares to start its virtual conference today, the prime minister has given a wide-ranging interview to the Telegraph.

It covers issues from Mr Johnson's determination to press ahead with his domestic agenda - to how he's tried to get his five-month-old son, Wilfred, to sleep by watching Toy Story 3.

The Guardian reflects on what it says are "fresh doubts" about the PM's leadership. It quotes a former cabinet minister as saying: "If you drop something which is entirely ornamental into a corrosive acid bath, it tends to lose the shine."

And several of the papers have reviews of the new version of the satirical puppet show, Spitting Image, which launches on the streaming service BritBox today.

Anita Singh in the Telegraph gives it just two stars, blaming the show's struggles on a lack of big personalities in current politics.

Jan Moir in the Mail says the Conservatives come in for a "terrible thrashing". She describes Spitting Image as being "about as balanced as a three-legged elephant on a tightrope".

But it gets four stars in the Guardian, which is pleased that the show has "lost none of its savagery or willingness to shock".

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