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Silverbolt and Constance.
Character Background Chart

Character’s name: Ethan Argent (Silverbolt)

Ethnic Origin: Unknown White (Foster care as a Baby)

Physical Appearance: Age 18, 5'10", Caesar Cut, Silver eyes, toned, dirty blond (Turns silver with power use) (Ethan)
Silverbolt: Black mask with lightning bolt curled around the eyes (Voice distorter). Chrome plate military armor, Meteor hammer, modified stun batons.

Attitude toward other characters: Sarcastic but tends to be kinder when no one is looking

Professions/Education: Professional street Custodian (Superhero). Ethan much of his time bouncing from foster home to foster home. After his powers went off during a bully attack leaving three classmates hospitalized, no one would take him. He was remanded to a government facility where another incident with his powers occurred. He was offered a choice by Mr. Nottle he could remain in the facility or he could go someplace that needed him. He has a GED and has a keen understanding of electricity, and a modified martial art kung fu mixed with krav magaw, gymnastics.

Economic status/lifestyle: He survives by robbing the criminals he takes down. Since money is primarily for survival the excess ends up being given to the homeless and struggling parents he deems worthy of help. Ethan has nothing in his life but being Silverbolt all of his time is spent preparing for the next fight. He lives in abandoned steel works building.

Relifious status/ethics code: Ethan tends to prioritize parents and children in rescues. He also can't say no to a loving parent, since his life was devoid of them. He avoids killing not because its immoral but because of the complications it would bring.

Hobbies/avocations: Punching things and looking awesome while doing it. Ethan blacksmiths when he needs to think. he made an anvil and hammer out of scrap metal in the steelworks.

Health status if living; if not, tell details of death: Physically Healthy, mentally he believes Silverbolt is the only thing that gives him value. Depending on the day and how often he used his power, will dictate how much he needs to eat. (Powers run on his energy)

Close relatives: their age and relationship to character: (None)

Fears/apprehensions: He worries he's not doing enough, he fears the day he will have to take the mask off permanently, what will he have then?

Yearnings: Deep down he wants to be loved and to belong somewhere.

Sense of humor: Sarcastic, (A bit cruel at times)(defense mechanism)

Habits and quirks: He has strict regimen of training, patrol, and checking on the homeless. He talks to statues, and collects them. Carries a blue tooth speaker and MP3 player. He plays music while chasing criminals scaring them. He shows off his powers often.

Positive traits/strengths: Enhanced strength (3000lbs) Speed (65km) Agility (Gymnast) Bio electric generation, and conduction (He cant throw lightning bolts), Determined, Courage, Dedicated, selfless, compassion, perserverance, fortitude

Negative traits/weaknesses: Rushes into situations with no regard to himself, he has feelings but he isn't quite connected to them. Can be manipulative. If it can't be punched punch a little harder.

Character Background Chart

Character’s name: Lady Constance Reynard

Ethnic Origin: Latin French

Physical Appearance: Age:17, 5'7" Long black hair with flowers braided into it. Prefers shorter dresses, Carries a Parasol and fan. Slender body, blue eyes

Attitude toward other characters: She has disdain for young noblemen and brushes them off. She detests people taking the law into their own hands.(At first). She is compassionate towards children, and puts their needs before adults. She looks down on alcoholism, and drug use. She expects to be treated like a lady of station.

Professions/Education: Noblewoman/medical student. She has attends Madame Cuttles finishing school, and has a place at the Rathmore medical inistitute when she graduates

Economic status/lifestyle: Constance has no financial problems. She funds an orphanage. She attends social functions and refuses to court the empty headed noblemen. She doesn't have to lift a finger at home and enjoys a life of privelege. She has three good friends all are married or engaged

Relifious status/ethics code: As a medical hopeful Constance believes all life matters She is a devout follower of the All mother Danu. She believes in the nobility and their ability to lead.

Hobbies/avocations: She enjoys painting, (Terrible at it) and experiments with plants to find medical uses for them and catalogs them, as a noble she attends dull social events.

Health status if living; if not, tell details of death: Constance is healthy and a well balanced. Her looks ensure plenty of gentleman callers, and she attends social events.

Close relatives: their age and relationship to character: Sophia Renyard (45) Mother, Gilda Bokken (55) Nursemaid and Grandmother figure

Fears/apprehensions: Constance worries she is being left behind. Her friends are in various states and courthship, or marriage, and wonders if she is too picky when it comes to gentleman callers. She worries if she is doing enough for the suffering. She fears being trapped in the traditional female role

Yearnings: She wants to be in love in a relationship where her voice matters. She wants to be swept off her feet

Sense of humor: very lame (Dad joke style)

Habits and quirks: Constance takes her parasol and fan everywhere (Last gifts her father gave her), She takes notes on everything. She avoids unladylike behavior (Outside medical work) even when a situation calls for her to roll up her sleeves

Positive traits/strengths: Constance is adept at medical sciences. She has some political pull, charitable, selfless, compassionate, strong desire to alleiviate suffering.

Negative traits/weaknesses: She is a bit of brat when things don't go her way. She can be bossy and assumes she's in charge because of her noble heritage.
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