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by dangal
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Two Soldiers play cards in the trenches in WWI
Poker was the only thing taking Henry’s mind off this bloody war. They sat in the trench like anchovies, with an ammo box between them. George on the other side, with his terrier Toby at his feet. The mut licked himself between the legs.

He had a terrier back home. Little Beryl was probably running with it in the cotton field. He could almost smell his mother’s pork pie. She waiting on the porch, smiling at them.

“The little fellow is at it again Georgie.” Said Henry. “You should teach him some manners.” He laughed.

“Let him have his fun.” Said George, not taking his eyes off his cards.

They weren’t allowed to play with coin so they played with cigarettes. Luckily they had found a dead Russian with three packs of Mahorka Tobaco on him and it took them the better part of the day to roll these into cigarettes.

Henry had a straight in hand. He looked at his cards 5,6,7,8,9. A sure winner of a hand. It would be the first time he would beat George in all this time.

“This time I have you Gorgie.” Said Henry.

George stood up suddenly stretching his legs. “I’m of for a piss if you don’t mind old fellow.” He placed his cards on the table. Then picked one of the cards up, “This one I’ll take for luck.”

“This is ridiculous.” Henry waited irritably, eager to see what his friend had in his hand.

Then the bombardment began again. He flattened over the table, managing to pick up the cards as he dove for the ground.

When the bombardment ended he saw Toby the mut standing there with a card in his mouth. It was the ace of spades, completing a royal flush with the rest of Georgies’ cards.
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