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Rated: E · Fiction · Action/Adventure · #2234071
Lynda flicks the diamond moon ear stud with square gold string drops. Can she escape?
The Escapade

Wearing the diamond moon ear stud with gold string and square gold drops was my obsession, from my early teens, joined a job I liked as sales girl in the jewelers shop. It helped to quench my thirst every time I demonstrated to customers it's looks wearing. Passion to wear grew by day, I would risk any extant to satiate.
Betty, my buddy, wearing the ear drops went round other friends proudly exhibiting and showing off. I flicked the pair of ear drops, exactly the ones I liked most and left as usual after work, hoodwinking the guard busy talking on his mobile.
Speeding through the highway, nervous, to escape Cops following us, I am shivering, drenched in sweat , with fear of arrest.
Betty's shouting “take next exit, soon lest you’re trapped”.. “change to right, act fast, they are on first lane, you can escape at the exit”
Right lanes are full, no gaps to sneak in, every time I try to sneak right, car at the back is honking to warn me.
“Should I risk butting right forcefully? I'm tensed up by it's consequences”
The cops zoomed past us, I heaved a sigh of relief!
The guy at right changed to right, I followed and successfully sneaked in to right line.one more line to shift.
I’m unable to see the cops “Betty , what happened , the they aren't seen”
“I too lost sight of them, what if they took an exit?”
“Look right guy’s changing, sneak right fast and follow him”
“Done”, I swerved right and followed , entered exit.
The winding exit way lead us to a mall on right. Entered the ground floor parking lot of the mall. As we opened our car door, Cops barged on us, "Hands up, You're arrested"

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