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A rejected young girl proves her worth.

As Coralyn turned away from the building and began to leave, she heard jeers behind her.

“You’re useless, helpless and any other less there is!”

“What made you think that being so bad at everything, you could be a pupil here?”

“Don’t ever come back!”

The last was said loudly by the school’s mistress, Madame Mim. Coralyn ignored it, but tears soaked her black cloak and puddled behind her. What now?

She considered going home, but was ashamed. Her parents had used every penny they had to pay her way. They surely would not welcome her!

Coralyn was in despair, when she felt something tap her. Swiping at her eyes, she looked around. Nothing.

Someone cleared their throat. The young girl looked in the direction of the sound. Left and down.

There stood a dwarf- sized woman in purple draperies that seemed to create their own wind. The hat she wore was very tall and veiled. She carried a crooked ebony stick with a large amethyst glowing on the end.

“Take no notice of them creatures! Them that can does, them that can’t, teach! At least at that school!”

Coralyn reached down and took the small green hand that was offered.

“Pleased to meet you, Coralyn. I’m Mauvereen and I need an apprentice. You’ll do nicely.”

So it began. Coralyn grew in skill and beauty under the kind tutelage of Mistress Mauvereen at her Academy of Witchery. Then it was time.

Through the grapevine, Coralyn heard that they needed a new mistress at her old school. Packing a bag, she mounted her Unbroom, a parting gift from her beloved teacher. She arrived in no time and faded through the door.

One look around was all it took. Nothing had changed. She conjured a dragon and burned the place down.

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