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Rated: E · Fiction · Mythology · #2234291
The Hindu god Shiva courts an alternative love with the younger goddess Saraswati.
Shiva, supreme god of destruction was meditating on his mountaintop and started to feel very lonely. He began wondering if his current marriages to his two goddess wives, Durga, goddess of governance, and Kali, goddess of anarchy, would bear true fruit. There were already rumors in the heavens that Durga and Kali were currently involved with other male gods and deities, perhaps even Vishnu and Ravana. Well, Shiva didn't want to end up all alone, so he wondered what he should do. He reasoned therefore that he might entreat the younger goddess Saraswati, goddess of learning, for companionship and spiritual counsel in this time of loneliness.

SHIVA: Brahma, you're supreme god of creation and wisdom.
BRAHMA: I worry now you're asking me for special pardons.
SHIVA: I fear my two goddess wives are unhappy with me!
BRAHMA: Yes, it's been spoken that Durga and Kali are with others.
SHIVA: I seek your advice about the younger goddess Saraswati!
BRAHMA: You wish to know if I'd condone your relationship with her?
SHIVA: If there's bad gossip, will you stand with me?
BRAHMA: If you prove your loyalties, I'll support you.

Shiva was thrilled that Brahma, supreme god of creation was willing to entreat his desperate yearning to court a new relationship with the younger goddess Saraswati, since his current marriages to Durga and Kali were in hellmouth complexity. Now that Shiva had the go-ahead and a pledge, he visited Saraswati in her lake and explained to her that he sought Brahms's counsel to court a potential romance or relationship with her. Saraswati was hesitant, knowing that such heavenly intrigue would generate gossip, but she empathized with Shiva's loneliness and his current plight regarding all the gossip surrounding the unhappy Durga and Kali. Shiva and Saraswati began dating.

SHIVA: I'm so pleased finding you as my confidante!
SARASWATI: I fear you'll abandon me once Durga and Kali return.
SHIVA: No, I'm rather certain they're happier with Vishnu and Ravana!
SARASWATI: Isn't it funny how the heavens can generate much intrigue?
SHIVA: Indeed; in fact, we'd not seen eye-to-eye for some time now.
SARASWATI: What, they're not fans of sports and chess like you?
SHIVA: Exactly, they prefer music and politics like Vishnu and Ravana!
SARASWATI: You're pleased with my shared interests in tennis and chess?
SHIVA: Very very pleased; we can make this love a thing of storytelling!
SARASWATI: I suppose there's room in heaven for goodly diaries.
SHIVA: This'll be an experience of peaceful dimension.
SARASWATI: Let's hope Master Brahma agrees.
SHIVA: I've pledged eternal diagonals.

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