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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Animal · #2234293
An old wizard has developing problem.
Hairy Situation

Cedric felt his nose beginning to itch. He searched his vest for a handkerchief. Before he could find it, he sneezed repetitively and mightily. This caused the pages of the book he was studying, to flutter closed.

“Ye gods! I’ve lost my place again!”

Glancing at his calendar, the aging wizard nodded at the date.

“It figures! Just when I think I’ve got something to cure me, here it comes again!

His hunched body grew large and muscular and he got claws, ears and an elongated snout. Cedric sighed as he began to sneeze repeatedly and cough. His yellow eyes began to run as did his nose. He was miserable!

Seeing the full moon rising, he tried to howl at it. This lead to a fit of coughing and breathlessness. The hair that was supposed to cover his body by now was patchy and sparse.

Wiping his nose on a handy rag, Cedric began to pace. He had to stop every few paces to blow his nose and wheeze. Finally, he could fight it no longer. Making a leap at the window, he crashed through it and was gone, sneezing, coughing and wheezing the whole way.

Morning found him huddled in the forest, naked and asleep. His apprentice, Albee, found him and carried him home. After he had slept until nightfall once more, Cedric was back at his books while Albee stood by protectively.

“Thanks to you, Albee I did not have to sit out in the woods all night,” Cedric said.

“But master, why are you unable to return unaided these last few months?”

“The only thing I can figure out, is that I have somehow developed an allergic reaction.”

“To what?” Albee wondered.

“It seemed I, a werewolf, has developed an allergy to the full moon.”

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2234293-Hairy-Situation