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This is a short story on Arizona, USA where two friends talk about different aspects.

Timothy Scott and Andrew Phillips live in Arizona, USA. Timothy works in a bakery and Andrew is a mathematics teacher in a college. Timothy had come to the house of Andrew and they are discussing on various topics related to Arizona. They took some tea and snacks and starting talking.

Timothy asked, "Which is the capital of Arizona?"
Andrew said, " Its Phoenix. Do you know the popular cities?"
Timothy replied, "They are Mesa, Chandler, Peoria, Glendale, Sun city, Fountain Hills, Gilbert, Surprise, Avondale, Tempe etc. On which month, the temperature reach the highest?"
Andrew replied, "It is in July and the temperature become 41 degree centigrade. Which city is second largest in Arizona?"
Timothy said, "It is Tucson and the population is greater than 1 million. Where is the University of Arizona?"
Andrew said, "It is in Tucson. Where is saguaro national park?"
Timothy said, "It is in Arizona, and it is on the western side of Tucson mountains. What kind of plants are found in this mountain?"
Andrew said, " You will find Saguaro cacti. Which is the third biggest metropolitan area?"
Timothy said, "It is Camp verde, cottonwood and Prescott. What kind of plants are found at Prescott?"
Andrew said, " I went there and found pine trees. How much is the winter temperature?"
Timothy said, "It is 10 degree centigrade. Where is Yuma county?"
Andrew said, "It is near the border of Mexico and California. Which is the hottest city of US?"
Timothy said, "it is Yuma county. People love to visit this county in the winter season."

Andrew said, " Wow ! which is the biggest city around northern Arizona? What kind of pine forest are found here?"
Timothy said, "It is Flagstaff located in Coconino county and ponderosa pine forests are found here. Where are san Francisco peaks? Where do we find Humphreys peak?"
Andrew said, "San Francisco peaks is the biggest range of mountain in Arizona and Humphreys peak is a part and this peak is the top point and it is 12633 feet. Why flagstaff is popular?"
Timothy said, "It is popular because of Sedona, grand canyon national park, oak creek canyon. What is us route 66?"
Andrew said, "It is a road running from east to west in that town. Where is Northern Arizona University?"
Timothy said, "It is in Flagstaff metropolitan area of Arizona. Which city is known as Arizona's playground?"
Andrew said, "It is Lake Havasu city situated in the Mohave county. Which river is found here?"
Timothy said, "It is Colorado river and how many people live here?"
Andrew said, "There are 53,000 people. Who created lake havasu city?"
Timothy said, "Robert P. McCulloch. What was the year?"
Andrew said, "It is 1963. Name those two colleges."
Timothy said, "They are ASU colleges and Mohave community college."
Andrew said, "It is great! Nice talking to you. We will meet again. "
Timothy said, "Thank you!"

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