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Rated: 18+ · Poetry · Contest Entry · #2234508
Response to 48-Hr Community Challenge Media Prompt - Somebody's Watching Me by Rockwell
She looked over her shoulder
Glanced quickly to the left
Gave the right a once over
Then ahead like the rest

The mob continued forward
Unaware of her panic
Like an ace pulled from the cards
Her destiny was now set

They would find her no matter what
Never a place for her to hide
Like the wee rabbit in the hat
There was no where else to go to

A car horns determined bleat
Caused her already panicked heart
To skip, missing a double beat
As she tripped and stumbled on

A noise came from behind
First a click, then another
Close to losing her mind
She thought of making a break

Then a hand on her arm
Whirled her clear around
Her thoughts spun in alarm
The gun kept her still

The jig was up
The run complete
Bracelets of iron
Ensured her defeat

She had killed him, he was dead
His philandering his end
She drove the pipe through his head
A cell her price for freedom
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