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Deena has a secret.
Last Night

Hugh came into the kitchen rubbing his neck. He was startled to see Deena sitting in the kitchen, sipping coffee and reading the paper. For a few seconds, he stared at her.

As if she could feel it, his girlfriend looked up.

“Something the matter?”

“No-o-o, I’m just curious.”

“About what?”

Where were you last night ? I woke up to find your side of the bed empty.”

“What are you talking about? I was there all night except for a bathroom break.”

Hugh shook his head.

“No. I looked all over, including the bathroom. You weren’t around. The door was unlocked too.”

“Are you sure you weren’t dreaming?”

Hugh grabbed a coffee from the pot and sat across from her. He leaned forward, forcing the paper down so he could study her face.

“I’m telling you, you weren’t here! What’s going on?”

“Nothing, you must have been hallucinating! Have you seen your shrink lately?”

“So you don’t want to tell me, I get that! But I was worried about you!”

Deena leaned over and gave him a long kiss.

“You need to see your shrink, love. You’re uptight about nothing. I have to get ready for a Zoom meeting in fifteen minutes,” his lover said and left.

In her home office, she sat cutting things out of the paper. After she did, she went to the closet and took out a scrapbook. With care, Deena found a blank page and glued the clippings in.

Then she leafed through the book, reading headlines.

“Gruesome slaughter still a mystery.”

“No suspects in the latest bloodbath. Police are baffled.”

“Yet another bloody scene. Witness catches glimpse of woman covered in blood.”

“I’m gonna start the laundry, honey!” Hugh called.

Deena screamed when she heard him open the lid of the washer.

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