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Rated: 18+ · Assignment · Crime/Gangster · #2234536
Day 10 assignment
The Police

Acting DS Rebecca Brookes
DC Jane Conway
DC Julie Hartnett
PC Horatio Bennett (known as Benny)
PC Tambara (Tam) Bakare - Nigerian descent - "Shit, and I came here for the quiet life." - Afro hair, hard to restrain.
Superintendent Morris

DI Brian Lennon

Sergeant Lennie Goode, Armed response unit. - Keeps hanging around Rebecca and asking her out. - Dark hair, bright blue eyes, stubble, tall, slim.


Jessica Barnes - 13, long, curly, brown hair. 5ft, slim, girlie girl.
Alice Barnes - 34, bottle blonde,
Connor Barnes - 37, brown hair, blue eyes, 6ft 1in, bit of middle aged spread.

Steph Cole - victim - brown hair and eyes, skinny.
Markie Cole - 7, 4ft, brown hair, skinny.


Zain and Rosarita Ibrahim - Syrian refugees (parents Karam and Amira) Zain is seven, Rosarita is three.


The Bad Guys

Leonid Oblonsky (Known to the children as Lionman) Long red hair and bushy beard. Ukrainian gangster.

Bogdan - womaniser - victim

Avel - sneaky

Anton - hit man with a heart - chubby

Symon - easily led
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