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Ever since the accident, Rabbit's had this craving for Skunk's ass, how will Skunk react?

It was another peacful afternoon in the valley of China.. well, almost peaceful anyway. The sounds of the Monkey roar in the valley within and they are... leaving? how can that be?

"WooHoo! They're running away!"

That's right, the newest hero to appear right in the hands of Panda's Dojo, and that hero was Skunk. After the battle, Fox, Rabbit and Skunk went home to meditate and train some more. Rabbit had other ideas apparently.

"Who needs the Meditate? I'm gonna go train some more, you coming Skunk? or are you gonna meditate with your Girlfr-"

*Skunk shuts Rabbit up with his paw*

"Ok you two, you can go train while I go meditate."

"Ok Fox"

*Skunk slaps Rabbit*

"Ow! Skunk, What the fuck?!"

"I told you many many many times Rabbit, that Fox is NOT my Girlfriend"

"Woah, chill out bro, I was just messin' with ya."

"Well, it's getting old.."

Without any other words, Skunk and Rabbit made it outside to the training area.

"Where's Ox and Bird?"

"They went to meditate as well."

"Ah ok, what should we start with?"

"I'm thinking of a little 1v1..."

*Rabbit pounces on Skunk*

"Oof, hey! I wasn't ready!"

*Rabbit chuckles and gets off, then walks 10 feet away from Skunk. Skunk gets up on his feet and brushes the dirt off his fur*

"Ok.. I'm good to go now."

"Good, 'cause here I *Starts Running towards Skunk C O M E !"

Skunk begans with a tail swipe to trip Rabbit, but misses. Rabbit jumps over Skunk to hit him in the gut, which caused Skunk to rip a small poot. Skunk returned the favor and stepped on Rabbit's left foot, then proceeded to throw him in the air. Rabbit took a moment to breathe, then went in for a drop kick as Skunk got out of the way at the last minute.

Rabbit sticks the landing as he and Skunk Hit hit each other's arms and legs for a while. After 5 minutes, Skunk tripped, as Rabbit took Skunk's tail and swung him around for some time. Eventually, Rabbit threw him towards the fence, where Skunk ran into the wireing of the fence and immediately sprung back towards Rabbit. Rabbit didn't have enough time to react, as Skunk ran into him.

Rabbit and Skunk both became dizzy from what just happened.

"I.. think I'm gonna be sick.."

*Skunk fell forward and passed out*

Rabbit came back to his senses and opened his eyes, but when he did, he couldn't tell where he was, all he could see was black. He can feel slight pressure on him, so he reached up to feel what was on him. Whatever was on him felt soft, did Skunk throw something on him? He felt around for anything else, but he felt something all too familiar.. Skunk's tail. This ment that Skunk was sitting on Rabbit's face. Rabbit blushed for a moment, but he wondered why Skunk hasn't got off yet. Skunk's tail suddenly raised, as Skunk's anus began to pucker.

"S-Skunk! Wait!"


A green cloud surrounded Rabbit, a blast of chicken, old sushi and eggs insulted Rabbits nose. Rabbit had no choice but to inhale Skunk's fumes. Although he has smelled his farts many times before, smelling it from the source was a completely different story. Rabbit groaned in disgust as he tried to get his friend off. Rabbit wanted to scream out for help, but he didn't want to end up tasteing Skunk's farts.


Rabbit layed there in dispare, as another gas bomb was released onto him. Rabbit looked around for anything that might help him out, but sadly, his bowstaff was too far to reach and he was on the verge to passing out.
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