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Rated: 18+ · Assignment · Crime/Gangster · #2234620
I am Leonid Olev Natali Oblonsky. I am from Ukraine. I come here to make money and I do not worry who I hurt to do so. Children call me Lionman. I have red hair and beard so I do look like lion. My 'friends' call me Leo or boss.

I smuggle refugees for big money and sell as slaves. I also smuggle girls for prostitutes. I lend money to people and if they not pay, I hurt.

I 32, 6ft 3in, single. (Why marry, I take what I want from girls)

What is my flaw - I lend money to people cannot afford pay back. I just think 'what the fuck'. I love to beat them when they cannot pay.

I drive SUV, black, tinted windows. Reg. LA20DZZ but don't tell cops.

My address none of your business.

I use burner phones, so no number. I call you, you no call me.

I carry Glock G19. I can get others, like machine pistol.

You want my cock size? I, how you say, well hung.
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