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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Fantasy · #2234635
Mrs. Tolliver's tall tale to save face.
A Happening

“Chief, got a couple of odd ones to see you,” Art Symons poked his head in the door of Chief Rob Barron’s office.

He gestured that they should be shown in.

“Election’s coming up, time to ingratiate myself with the people.”

When he saw who came in, leaning on a man in chauffeur’s cap and uniform, he hasten to pull out a chair.

“Why, Mrs. Tolliver! What brings you here?” the Chief said in an unctuous voice.

The elderly lady gave him an icy stare.

“That officer on Traffic Control needs to learn manners,” snapped the well-to-do matron.

“What happened?”

“Jenkins was driving me downtown, when suddenly we were lifted off the ground, car and all!”

“Where is your antique Mercedes?”

“In a tree! That huge pine on Legrand. I’ve never been so embarrassed! Jenkins had to get me out and down from the top branches.”

“How upsetting! What lifted the car?”

“A UFO!”

Barron looked at Jenkins who shook his head no.

“Let me send you home. I’ll come tomorrow and take a full statement, if I may,” the Chief said as he summoned his deputy to take the lady home.

Chief Barron looked at Jenkins.


This is what really happened . Mrs. T insists she wants to learn to drive so’s I kin retire. Don’t get paid to say no. We was practicin’ backin’ up. She backed up into the tree then panicked so bad, she just kept goin’ till we was settin’ at the top!”

“No UFO?”

“Nope, but maybe she’ll stop gettin’ crazy ideas. Got me a grandson who’ll take over when I retire. She ain’t safe on the roads!”

“Thanks Mr. Jenkins, for clearing that up.”

“Name’s Osgood sir, But all Mrs. T’s drivers is Jenkins to her. Who am I to argue?”

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