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Rated: E · Assignment · Crime/Gangster · #2234647
The theme is secrets and lies.

Rebecca keeps her pregnancy secret. Lies about medical appointment.

Consequences. Argument with Lennon when found out.

Connor keeps his second family secret. Jess finds out and is angry enough to run off.

If he had been honest with police from the start, they would have known sooner that Jess and Markie were witnesses.

When truth comes out, his wife forgives him, and Markie comes to live with them.

Leonid obviously has a lot of secrets. He is a people smuggler, a killer, and lies even to himself that what he is doing is okay.

Tam lies to her family back home about her lifestyle. When they make a surprise visit, she is found scantily dressed and the worse for drink. She has not been to church in months.

Lennie Goode is lying to himself that Rebecca likes him that way. He makes a nuisance of himself as a consequence. Eventually, the Super needs to have a word.

Brian Lennon keeps his feelings for Rebecca secret, leaving her confused about the pregnancy.
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