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Rated: E · Fiction · Action/Adventure · #2234804
This short story written today talks about two friends from Massachusetts, USA.
James Wilkinson is a biotechnologist at a lab in Massachussetts, USA. His friend Carol Larkins had come to his house after six months and she is working as a detective in a private agency in Massachussetts. James had studied biotechnology at University of Massachussetts. James has a muscular body as he goes to gym five days a week. Carol is slim as she is also quite health conscious and goes to aerobics class four days a week.
James asked, “What kind of forest is there right now?”
Carol said, “It is temperate deciduous forest. What is the purpose of clearing of forest?”
James said, “I heard that it is agriculture, farming etc. What is the percentage of forest in this state?”
Carol said, “It is 62%. What affect the area?”
James said, “It is human development across greater boston along with springfield metropolitan area. Where do we find agricultural area?”
Carol said, “It is found in Connecticut River Valley.”
Suddenly they heard a loud sound in the backyard. Both of them saw that there was a huge light. It was a circular object, a giant object coming down from the sky.
James screamed, “What is that object?”
Carol said, “It might be a UFO.”
Then they saw that the UFO landed and one short animal with big head and two legs and two hands came down. The hands are slim and the body is circular in shade. It has bipedal gait. It is wandering around the garden.
James said, “Lets go back to the topic! How many endangered species are found in Massachussetts?”
Carol said, “It is 219. Have you seen the nests near my office tower?”
James said, “It was peregrine falcons who had created that nest! Oh my god! Do you hear the footsteps?”
Carol said, “Yes. See..That extraterrestrial creature is coming towards the window! Oh my god….It is screaming… “
The creature which had come using UFO is screaming “eooooooowwww, eooooooowww….”
James said, “ I had a cage at the backyard where I had collected raccoons, white tailed deer, and eastern gray squirrels. They might attack that cage. They might be looking for food!”
Carol said, “Do you have any weapon like revolver, or spear?”
James said, “Yes I have a revolver..but I don’t think it is going to work with fighting against these extraterrestrial creatures! Let me see… “
Carol said, “Oh my god…Its trying to break open the window grills….What to do ?”
James said, “I have to use the black bears who can fight with this.”
James went to the cage of black bears and set them free.. The black bear pounced on the extraterrestrial creature and tore him into pieces.
Carol said, “Thank God. I feel happy that it has been solved.”
James said, “What to do with that UFO machine?”
Carol said, “We will contact the police department of Massachussetts. Anway, have you seen waterfowl?”
James said, “I have found them in atlantic flyway. They are found in the eastern coast. We have found lakes in the central Massachusetts offering place for waterfowl and fishes. Have you heard about common loon. “
Carol said, “It is becoming a rare species. There is a large number of long-tailed ducks in the winter season. Have you noticed the roseate terns?”
James said, “I saw them and the piping plover is a threatened species. Which are the protected areas?”
Carol said, “I went to Monomoy national wildlife refuge which is a protected area. It is a major breeding habitat for the shorebirds. I have practiced photography there. Did you work on any project on grey seals?”
James said, “I worked on that project as a freelance photographer. From 2009, I have found a rise in the number of Great White Sharks. I love these sharks very much! I had spent a lot of time studying them.”
Carol asked, “Did you study the fresh water fish?”
James said, “I have written research paper on trout, catfish, carp, and bass.”
Carol said, “I have also worked on research projects of haddock, atlantic cod, American lobster. They are quite interesting and found in offshore waters.”
James said, “ I have recently worked on thesis and term paper on harbor seals. I have found that there is a huge demand of research projects on north atlantic right whales and harbor seals. Recently I have met researchers in social networking site named Bookface and they had worked on fin whales, humpback whales, atlantic white sided dolphins and fin whales.”
Carol said, “It is really interesting! I have read in the newspaper that the European corn borer is spoiling the crops.”
James said, “It is an agricultural pest which has been discovered in Boston in 1917.”
Carol said, “I am doing to attend a musical program at Boston symphony orchestra. Do you want to come with me tomorrow?”
James said, “Why not? I am going to watch a program of boston pops orchestra. I often write reviews as a freelance writer in magazines of music.”
Carol said, “I had seen the performance of cape cod symphony orchestra last week at Barnstable. I have also watched the performance of New Bedford Symphony Orchestra. It was amazing!”
James said, “ The performance of springfield symphony orchestra is quite interesting! I was quite happy to visit the tanglewood music festival with my friend Emily last week. I will attend tanglewood jazz festival because I love jazz music very much.”

Carol said, “I had learnt ballet dance and I will join the boston ballet performance next year.”
James said, “It is great. I also love to write lyrics and my lyrics will be used in the opera of Boston Lyric opera.”

Carol said, “ I love literature and Shakespeare and company at Lenox perform quite well. Do you know any band of rock music?”
James said, “It is Aerosmith. Do you know any protopunk band?”
Carol said, “It is The Modern Lovers. Do you have any idea of new wave band?”
James said, “ Yes. I have seen the performance of The Cars. Have you seen the performance of the Pixies?”
Carol said, “It is an alternative rock band.”
James said, “Do you know any nu metal band?”
Carol said, Their name is staind and their band has been formed in 1995 at springfield. You told me that you are doing documentary film.”
James said, “I am going to attend Boston International film festival.”
Carol said, “This is really great news!!”
James said, “Let us have some tea and snacks.”
Carol said, “ Sure!”

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