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Here you will go through a short story based on pennsylvania. Give me feedback.
Thomas Wadison and James Goore lived in Pennsylvania, USA. They were friends working in the same office. Thomas worked at a medical transcription company and James Goore worked as a quality analyst in the company. One day, James came to the house of Thomas and they were talking about different aspects of Pennsylvania.
Thomas said, “Do you know what happened in 1681?”
James said, “A land grant was given to William Penn who was the son of state. Do you know any connection with new Sweden?”
Thomas said, “ A portion of Pennsylvania along with State of Delaware as they have been organized in the form of New Sweden colony. Is there any amendment of constitution?”
James said, “On 12th December 1787, there was modification of constitution. There has been drafting of constitution. Which is the biggest city of this state?”
Thomas said, “It is Philadelphia and at the time of American Civil war. Do you know anything about Battle of Gettysburg?”
James said, “It has been found in South Central area of state. Where is the headquarter of general Washington?”
Thomas said, “It is Valley Forge close to Philadelphia at the time of winter from 1777 to 1778. Which is the first zoo of Pennsylvania?”
James said, “It is Philadelphia zoo. What are the names of other zoos where you and me can visit?”
Thomas said, “They are Erie zoo, Pittsburg zoo, Lehigh valley zoo, etc. Do you know any museum?”
James said, “They are Carnegie museums located at Pittsburgh along with Philadelphia museum of art. Have you visited Houdini museum?”
Thomas said, “it is in Scranton where the legendary magician has been exhibited. Where is the national aviary?”
James said, “ It is found in Pittsburgh. How many state parks are present?”
Thomas said, “There are 121 state parks! I am going to start visiting the amusement park one by one. Can you name them?”
James said, “ They are camel beach, dorney park and wildwater kingdom, delgrosso’s amusement park, hersheypark, idlewild park, kennywood knoebels. Do you know about splash lagoon?”
Thomas said, “It is a resort of indoor waterpark at east coast in erie.”
James asked, “What are the music festivals you attended last year?”
Thomas said, “ I attended music festivals like musikfest, nearfest at Bethlehem, Philadelphia folk festival, creation festival along with great Allentown fair. They are really awesome! Great music!”

James asked, “ How many hunters are there? What are the general game species?”
Thomas said, There are one million licensed hunters approximately. They are Whitetail deer, black bear, cottontail rabbits, squirrel, turkey, and grouse.”
James asked, “Have you ever hunted wild turkey?”
Thomas said, “Pennsylvania has been the top wild turkey hunting states and there are Texas along with Alabama where I went for Turkey hunting. Do you have any idea of sport hunting?”
James said, “This form of hunting in Pennsylvania offers a boost for economy of Commonwealth. Do you have any idea of The Center for Rural Pennsylvania report?”
Thomas said, “It is a Legislative Agency from Pennsylvania General Assembly and they are involved with fishing, hunting, and there is a revenue of $9.6 billion in that state.”
James said, “Its really nice to talk to you. Lets have some tea and snacks! Pennsylvania is really wonderful!”
Thomas said, “You are right!”

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