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by K.HBey
Rated: E · Fiction · Medical · #2235019
Kate has breast cancer.

The miracle

Kate is a slender beautiful woman. She is a stewardess at the Daily flight company. She is forty.
With her trembling hands she makes a call, "Sally can you replace me today please. I have the flight number 265 Istanbul".
"What's the matter, Kate?" Sally asks.
"Since one month, I feel tired and I have perceived a sort of cyst in my right bosom," Kate replies
"You should see a doctor. Kate, don't be afraid, it will be all right".
"Thank you, Sally!"

"Kate, you seem very blade, my dear," Tommy, her husband says.
"I am just tired. It seems that I have a burnout. We had too many flights these last days," she says trying to hide the reality.
"Ok! Take a rest for a while," Tommy says.
"Yes, you are right," she replies.
"You should take care of your health, my love," Tommy adds hugging her warmly.
"I am really lucky to have you," Tommy," Kate says.

"Kate Anderson, you have been diagnosed with breast cancer at the second stage," professor Kim Shypsy says.
"Breast cancer, Doctor? Kate replies when she seems to see her surrounding turning around her and collapsing apart".
"Kate Anderson, please wake up," the professor says trying to wake her up with some perfume and some slaps on her forehead.
She wakes up sobbing not knowing what to say. She is completely shocked but out of herself, she finishes by admitting her reality.
"Doctor I want to do a bilateral mastectomy," Kate says.

Kate has prepared her testament yet.
She sold her big house and puts money in her bank.
She has visited all her family. She asks them for pardon and says to them farewell.
"Dad, I have breast cancer and doctors think that I will die in few months," Sally says taking her father's hands and hugging them, and her words last in her throat.
He launches a deep glance at her and replies, "Kate, my dear daughter, you will not die now. You have an inner strength."
Two days later he dies from heart disease.

"Sally, tomorrow I will do a surgery a mastectomy," Kate says.
"What? Don't you know?" Sally asks.
"Know what? Sally? It is my last chance," Kate responds.
"Professor David Mane discovered a vaccine against breast cancer. He made it after experimenting with the mouse placenta. He has discovered that a certain coenzyme JKGTH656 is responsible for the cell multiplication. He made an antagonist against this coenzyme. This latter is also found naturally in the placenta and that stops the release of JKGTH656 coenzyme. Then cells will no more be multiplied and mitosis stops. It is a feedback phenomenon that is seen in the hormonal system too."
"The same has been found in humankind", Sally adds.

"Is the vaccine ready? Is it just preventive?" Kate asks.
"No, it is curative too. It has been efficient against breast cancer and many women responded positively to it. It is also efficient against other kinds of cancer," Sally replies.
"Are you sure about what you have advanced, Sally?"
"Tomorrow I will lead you to a doctor who has been prescribing such vaccine for five years.

It is a miracle indeed.
Kate is completely cured after receiving this vaccine.

The miracle/ 546 words/Oct/ 12th/ 2020
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