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by Jacky
Rated: E · Fiction · Contest Entry · #2235122
Flash Fiction
Find your own Bliss

They say life is full of hills and valleys. One moment you’re on top of the hill, life is wonderful! Then, unfortunately, you slide down the other side. But if you pay attention, you’ll see another hill coming up, and, if you just keep going, it’s even bigger than the last one! They say...

Of course, “they” are those young, rich, writers of an inspirational book or program who wants you to sign up, to make them richer. In real life, life is in the middle. It is what you make of it, but more in the middle. It’s really you who decide.

Instead of wasting your money on someone else’s idea of what to do to make you happy, why don’t you ask yourself? You know what you want. You have just spent your whole life till now, trying so hard to make everybody else happy that you’ve forgotten. Give yourself a moment to remember. Give yourself the gift of remembering what it is that you can do to make yourself happy!

That knowledge is still in there, hidden away deep in your mind. Buried away by all the times people told you not to be selfish, to take care of everybody else, to be the strong one. Let that go, just for a moment, let that all go and you’ll remember. How do you do that? I bet that’s what you’re wondering. I was too, but I found out. Do you want me to teach you? I can!

I would love to help you! I’ll send you my thoughts on exactly how to find your way to your very own bliss! This is your time! Use it wisely! Order today!! Just click here!!

(Six CD’s for five small monthly payments of nineteen ninety-five, taxes not included.)

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