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Let's begin this Sheet with a poem I wrote several years ago (like back in the 1980s)...


In the classroom, a skeleton is on display
And is smiling the typical skeleton way.

Does a skeleton wear such a non-fading grin,
'Cause it doesn't let problems get under its skin
(Since it doesn't have skin to let life's strifes get under)?
Why are skeletons always so jolly, I wonder?
Could the reason that they are so happy be that
It's impossible for them to ever get fat?
Or are they unaware of life's troubles and pains,
'Cause they're heartless and, also, are lacking in brains?
Well, whatever the actual reason might be,
They are constantly wearing expressions of glee.

For the rest of us, life has its ups and its downs.
Sometimes, we wear smiles; other times, we wear frowns.
Yet, even on bad days, it's hard to stay blue
When you notice a skeleton grinning at you!
Ainsley Jo Phillips

This is a whimsical look at a skeleton -- but there are all kinds of ways of looking at skeletons, and, in the amount of time I'm giving myself to add to this Sheet (a little over 17 years from today -- with today being Tuesday, October 13, 2020) there should be time to add a lot to the subject of skeletons and bones. Unless I turn into a skeleton before then, I have plans to add to this Sheet through November 1, 2037. I will be a month and 12 days away from my 85th birthday by then.

Why this amount of time?

Because, most of the time, each human skeleton is made up of 206 bones, so the time frame I've used is (rounded off) 206 months from now.

No bones about it, this should be an interesting Sheet...

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

When I was very young, I thought that Red Skelton  's name was Red Skeleton. Since I was "into" bones and skeletons, I thought that he had a pretty neat last name.
Stay Tuned For More...
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